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The world is your escape room

What is Skullsweat?

Skullsweat is thought, it is mental exercise. It is the concept that challenge, in itself, is a reward.

At Skullsweat, our aim is to provide participants with an opportunity to stretch their minds beyond the concept of jokes, riddles or puzzles; We provide a challenge built upon and grounded in the real world.

Furthermore, the game is NEVER over. As long as there are willing participants in the community, we will continue building puzzles. As you would expect, these puzzles will become more difficult as time goes on.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences. If you have questions about a particular riddle or challenge, we will only provide further hints if the game has been completed by someone, or if a game has stalled for longer than one week. In which case, the same hint will go to everyone.